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Review Macros

+50 Handy Utilities to Save Time and Increase Efficiency

When working with large Excel spreadsheets, it's important to find the information you need quickly without having to spend more time.


With Review Macros utilities, you can keep your Excel files clean, well-organized and well-designed, so you can find and share valuable information promptly.

Review Macros include utilities for finding and selecting data, organizing comments, working with charts and objects, and labeling data. With all of these features at your fingertips, you'll be able to work smarter, not harder!.

Review Macros Utilities

Find & Select

1. Find & Select All

Improved Find & Select for Excel on your Mac.

Select Cells with
Same Background Color: 

Find & Select all cells with a specific background color.

As a default, the format of the selected cell is offered. Before running this utility, a range of cells must be selected.

Select Cells with
Same Font Color

Use this utility to find and select all cells with specific font color.

The selected cell determines the default formatting. To use this utility, first select the range of cells that contain the font color you want to Find & Select

Select Cells with
Same Font Properties

Find & Select all cells with Same Font Properties besides color.

The selected cell's format is shown by default. You need to first select a range of cells before running this utility.

Find All

The 'Find All' utility has been enhanced for all Macs! You can find what you're looking for by pressing Control + Shift + F. Formulas and values can be retrieved quickly throughout the entire workbook. This function can be used to find case-sensitive content, entire cell contents, or the whole word. An index containing the entire found set will be created.

Find Value &
Select Cells in Sheet

This functionality finds all occurrences of text in the excel sheet and then selects the found set separately. It can also match content in formula cells or values. This feature works for case-sensitive words, with the whole content of the cell or with the entire word. Applies only to the current sheet.

Select Cells with
Same Number Format

Select cells with the same numerical format: This Utility allows you to locate and select all cells with the same numerical format.

The selected cell format is given by default.

A selected range of cells must be selected before running this utility.

How to use
Find & Select All Macros

  •  Before running this utility, you must select a cell range 

  • Find & Select function can be accessed via:
    a) through the 101 Macros Menu on the "Home Tab" 
    b) through the "Review Tab"
    c) Additionally, when right-clicking on a range, this utility will be displayed as a contextual menu for your convenience.

  • Simply select a cell to find all items based on content or format.

  • You can redo this Macro by pressing CTRL-OPT-Y.

PLEASE NOTE: This macro functionality will be limited when working on a protected sheet. 







2. Review & Prepare Macros

These Set Of Utilities enables you to keep your Worksheets well-organized, up-to-date, with easily available important information, and looking professional

2.1. Comments Macros

With 101 Macro Comments utility, you can now easily manipulate notes and create new threaded comments - making your conversations smarter and more engaging than ever before.

List All Comments & Notes
in Workbook

This feature allows you to create a clickable index of all comments and notes, including the author and text, and tells you where those notes are located in the worksheet.

Select Cells with
Comments & Notes in Range 

This utility allows you to select and organize all notes and new threads' comments quickly in one place for you to find them easily.

Delete Comments & Notes
in Range

Notes and new comment threads are both deleted. This function only applies to the range you've selected. If autosave is turned off, an alert to save the file will show up before the utility runs.

Add Cell Contents
to Comment

Use this function when you need to add the cell text to a new threaded comment. If there is a pre-existing note, this function will remove the note and a new comment will be created in the thread. If a linked comment already exists, the text will be added as a reply to the comment. If you have autosave disabled, an alert message will appear, prompting you to save the file before the utility is run.

Add Cell Contents
to Note: 

You can use this function to add the text from a cell to a new note. If there is already a Note or Comment in the thread, the new note will replace it. If autosave is turned off, a message will pop up before the utility is run to save the file.

Reset Position of
Notes in Selection

Use this utility to keep the notes in your spreadsheet visible. When you run the function, the notes will be moved close to the top right corner of the cell.

Reset Size and Position
of Notes in Selection

If you need to resize and readjust the notes in the selection, this utility will

autofit the notes and move them to the top right corner of the cell.

The notes will be sized to be between

100 and 300 points wide.

How to use
Comments Macros

  • Comment Macros are available via:
    a. The 101 Macros Menu on the “Home Tab” 
    b. On the “Review Tab”. 
    c. As a contextual menu when right-clicking on a range.

  • You can select large ranges, including entire rows or columns.

  • You can re-do this Macro with the shortcut CTRL-OPT-Y.

PLEASE NOTE: This Macro will not work on a protected sheet.






Charts & Objects

2.2. Charts & Objects and Chart Data Labeler Macros

Make your Charts & Objects stand out in a way that makes them easy to find and edit. This unique feature assures you never miss essential information.

List All Charts
in Workbook

List All Charts in Workbook: If you want to find your charts in a Workbook quickly, this feature makes a clickable index of all charts, including chart type, name, and location in the workbook. You can copy this index to a new worksheet.

All Charts

This function allows you to select all charts on an active sheet and modify them all at once with a single click

Select Charts &
Shapes in Range

Group and Select All Charts within selected range.

Group and Select all Shapes within selected range.

* Notes are excluded.

Group Shapes
in Range

With this feature, you can Group and Select all Shapes / Objects within the selected Range. 

(Notes are not included)

Transform All Charts to Same Height as Selected

Use this feature when you need to quickly change the size of all charts.

If no chart is selected, a dialog box with heigh options will be displayed.

Make All Charts to Same
Width as Selected

Edit all charts size fast. If no chart is selected a dialog box will be presented to determine the width.

Add Custom
Data Labels

Use cell values as data labels in charts.

A dialog box will be presented to input the data label range.

Data Labels

Move data labels x points. A dialog box will be presented to input label movement in points.

Data Labels

You can delete labels from selected series using this utility.

This tool is perfect for labels that

are hard to select.

How To Use
Chart & Objects and
Data Labeler Macros

  • Charts and Objects / Data Labeler Utilities are available via:
    a. The 101 Macros Menu on the “Home Tab” 
    b. On “Chart Contextual Tab”.
    c. Chart data labeler is available as a contextual menu when a chart is selected.

  • Utilities to select and group shapes are also available when a range is selected.


  • You can re-do this Macro with the shortcut CTRL-OPT-Y.

PLEASE NOTE: ​Sheets with protected objects are skipped.


Charts - Objects - screenshot.png


Charts -Objects - screenshot ribbon.png


Charts - Objects - screenshot right-clic.png
Selected Sheets

2.3. Selected Sheets Macros

Use the Selected Sheets Utilities to make your project look organized before you share it. Save time by finishing long and time-consuming tasks, unifying the format of your spreadsheets, getting rid of columns, charts, and objects you don't need, and bringing your file neat and tidy way.

Selected Sheets

This utility allows you to easily "Rename" selected sheets based on the "Cell Value." Protected sheets and names with invalid names will be skipped.

AutoFit Rows
and Columns

This tool makes it simple to "Auto-fit" all rows and columns on selected sheets.

Unhide All Rows
and Columns

This utility searches through all selected sheets to reveal all hidden rows and columns.

Delete Hidden
Rows and Columns

This utility scans selected sheets for hidden rows and columns and

deletes them.

Ideal for ranges with the

auto-filter enabled.